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Transparency for ICO Contributors

Need: Governance for ICO Projects

"There is no feedback mechanism where teams are first given a small amount of money to prove themselves, and then given access to more and more capital over time as they prove themselves to be reliable and successful."

Vitalik Buterin

doGood Delivers a Solution

"Funded teams need to lower risk and increase the likelihood of success while providing funders with the ability to track the progress of the funded teams and provide governance.

Since teams that are conducting ICO's are generally creating something that is fundamentally new, and, therefore, highly uncertain, we built a feedback mechanism that uses the lean start-up method.

Using doGood, token purchasers are able to track whether the team and/or business behind the ICO will deliver the promised results, thereby increasing token value."

doGood Overview

Why & How doGood Works
How the Blockchain Helps Incentivize Innovation


"doGood provides an easy way to walk those who are newly initiated to lean startup through the process of building, testing and learning how to establish a sustainable business, and a great method of tracking their progress towards eliminating the risk inherent in their assumptions."

Cathy Pucher, Executive Director
Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad
"Mapping out problems and solutions using the collaborative graph has helped us get to the root cause and identify overarching solutions that we can operationalize."

Jasper Calcara,
DH Charles Engineering

How It Works

Earning and Spending Tokens

Innovation Driven by Blockchain Incentives

At each decision point in the lean startup process, there is an opportunity for stakeholder interactions and smart contracts to help with decision making or to lower cost and time-to-market. We plan to develop and delpoy the smart contracts that support each of these interactions over time.

Organizational Governance via Blockchain

In addition, using this system, token purchasers would be able to know whether or not the team and/or business behind the ICO will be able to deliver the promised results, thereby increasing token value. It is in the best interest of the blockchain community to provide an effective method of managing the risks involved in these ventures, as this could alleviate pressure for innovation-stifling regulation.

Token Utiltity to Support Lean Startup Process

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Why We're Doing This

We exist to help individuals and organizations solve complex problems and create project teams as a means of providing concrete, sustainable solutions. To this end, we provide an integrated, but modular toolset that enables you to dissect large problems and break them into manageable portions, so actual solutions can be completed by people working together to facilitate positive change.
In our efforts, there is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between existing corporate teams and decentralized teams.
Though decentralized organizations have cropped up recently (DAOs), they are currently untested. The existing centralized corporate structures have been tried and tested over time. We propose a hybrid system that incorporates some decentralization and even integration with DAOs, while allowing for centralized incorporation of teams.

Our Larger Purpose

Individuals and organizations are trying to solve large, complex problems. These problems include, but are certainly not limited to the following:
- Climate change
- Efficient transportation
- Refugee management
- Electrical grid efficiency
- Gang violence
- Poverty
- Water shortages
- Caring for aging population
- Hunger
- Colonizing Mars
- Affordable, distributed 3D printing
- Memory preservation
No one person or organization will solve any of these problems alone. doGood enables people to connect and organize according to the issues they are most passionate about. doGood further enables these problems to be dissected and for teams to be assembled to tackle each contributing factor.
To solve complex problems, doGood believes that several elements are required.
The problem needs to be scoped. Scoping the problem involves defining the problem and the factors that contribute to it, so that it can be broken into manageable chunks.
Teams with the right skills and chemistry need to be formed to address each issue.
The teams need the resources and/or funding to create concrete solutions.
There needs to be a method for the funded teams to systematically lower risk and increase the likelihood of success while providing funders with the ability to track the progress of the funded teams and provide governance.
Teams need a forum that provides a simple way to engage prospective customers or, in the case of non-profits - beneficiaries, to gain feedback on the effectiveness of the products and solutions they are providing.
Therefore, doGood provides a suite of applications that provide the relevant parties with all of the above capabilities.

Platform Overview

doGood is a platform that helps people take action to effectively solve problems.
It combines design thinking, open innovation, strategy frameworks, and lean start-up philosophies to give people a way of systematically breaking down problems, identifying and articulating solutions, which can be manifested into concrete projects, businesses, or non-profits. Designed to give the world a more democratic method of solving complex problems, the system enables any person or organization to do all of the following:
  1. Identify and scope the problems and solutions,
  2. Organization around problems for which they have passion and the required skills
  3. Find the marginal capacity to create new projects or lines of business
  4. Manage the protection of intellectual property
  5. Raise the funds needed to execute
  6. Manage risk by using the scientific method to quickly find processes that really work
  7. Share insights within your organization or with the broader community
  8. Facilitate the dialog process between funder and funded.
All of the above is combined with a blockchain-based incentive and governance system will drive the systematic identification and solution of problems at an enormous scale. In the process, we will uncover which problems are most important to whom and who can help to solve which ones. This data will be invaluable to organizations already immersed in addressing these issues.
Track our progress by joining the discussion and following our META

Token Sale Terms

Smart Contract

Executive Team

Adam Harriss CEO Adam’s background includes venture capital, entrepreneurship, strategy, business development, and product management. Adam has worked in venture capital and secured $20 M in funding for a mobile internet company. He spent 10 years at HP, where he co-founded HP’s Retail Photo business as a product manager. Since then, he has learned to code, served as a VP of business development for a mobile advertising company, and as a director of business development and a product management consultant for two different SaaS startups. Adam earned his MBA from the Haas School of Business where he studied under Steve Blank, amongst other notable professors. Ralph Morales Chief Revenue Officer Ralph's background includes corporate controllership, business development, strategic acquisitions, and global solution sales. His recent role as the Director of Innovation at HP resulted in the incubation of Wearables businesses, IoT solutions for law enforcement, education, and office markets, as well as high-end Location-Based VR entertainment. He has spent the majority of his career in corporate intrapreneurship across various markets - Rear Projection TV's, Lightscribe disc imaging, Life Science bioprinters and drug delivery solutions, photo publishing solutions, and Wearables. Ralph has an MBA from the University of Arizona, Stanford Executive Education, and has lectured for the Strategic Risk Management program at Stanford on Corporate Innovation Management.

Product Development Team

Nick Geoca Blockchain Development

Nick has always used technology as a conduit to make a lasting impact and recognizes the need for deep technical expertise in facilitating meaningful change. To this end, Nick pursued a BS in EE at Texas A&M with a background in system engineering. He worked at Silicon Labs for several years where he wrote Arduino library code for an in house Arduino board to help artists, designers, and hobbyists use this open source prototyping platform to create interactive objects and environments. In addition, he developed a background in a variety of programming languages, including functional/imperative programming paradigms, web-programming, cryptography, and machine learning. Over the past year, Nick has focused on blockchain technology as a method of enabling people to enact change and make meaningful contributions.
Fausto Dassenno Product Management

Fausto spent the last 20 years between product and technology. He was an entrepreneur with software houses focused on mobile development in Italy and the UK. In 2011 he joined eBay in Milan as Head of Product for, the classified property for eBay in Italy. He was managing the product and design team of a business generating 24M in revenues. In 2015 he moved to Jobrapido as Product Director of a company generating 59M in revenues. He was managing a team of 25 ranging from product managers, designers, customer support and the whole mobile development team. In 2016 he moved to eBay Uk and he is now managing the development team of, the UK classified property of eBay.
Amit Thakkar Web Development Lead

Amit is a passionate coder and experienced Team Lead. Over the last 2 years he has lead the development and engineering activities at doGood, and in doing so, he has drawn upon the last 7 years in which he's delivered and managed critical applications for Fortune 500 companies in USA in the Agricultural Research and e-commerce verticals. He is skilled in Microsoft technologies, Sencha and Open Source Javascript frameworks such as React and NodeJS. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Hyderabad, India. When he's not busy coding, He loves reading up on new tech and working on hobby projects.
Snehal Dalal Quality Assurance

Snehal has deep experience with the software development and testing life cycles and agile development. As such, she is well versed with the testing methodologies including Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Smoke, Sanity, GUI, Configuration, System Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, Regression Testing, and Compatibility Testing of web applications. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Amravati University, India.
Harish Mohanani Web Development

Harish is a highly ambitious and professional web developer. He enjoys solving uncommon problems and making a social impact with his work. He has extensive expertise in working with NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB etc. Over the last 2 years he has been involved in development across the Full Stack with doGood. He has a Bachelors in Information Technology from Pune University, India.
Ajit Fawade Web Development

Ajit has experience with all stages of the software development cycle and loves web technologies. He is skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Linux, SQL, MongoDB and enjoys working in AngularJS and ReactJS frameworks. His development experience includes web applications of various domains such as construction and manufacturing, e-commerce and health-care. He has completed a Masters of Computer Application from University of Pune.
Royal Parihar Web Development

Royal is a skilled coder and professional web developer. Over the last year he has been involved in development across the Full Stack with doGood. He is skilled in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Java, MongoDB and ReactJS frameworks. He has a Masters of Computer Application degree from University of Pune.

Partners and Customers

SparkCell Sparkcell is an end-to-end digital marketing agency. Our team is made up of some of the best talent in the industry, with more than 50 years combined experience in content, digital, social media, paid and influencer marketing. Our clients include leading Fortune 500 and startups companies such as Nokia, Symantec, HP, Intel, PayPal, Plex, doGood, SDG&E and many more.

Board of Advisors

Kalle Marsal Enterprise Advisor Kalle Marsal has over 20 years of experience in general management, business development, finance, marketing, corporate strategy and acquisitions. Kalle is the Chief Operating Officer at Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK), responsible for sales, marketing, business operations, and strategy. He previously served as Vice President of Product Management for HP’s Inkjet Printing Business. Prior to that, Kalle held several different positions at HP, including management functions for both domestic and international operations and was instrumental in building a retail and cloud services business for consumer printing. Before joining HP, Kalle was a wireless technology focused general manager and venture capital executive. He started his career as a management consultant at Bain & Co. Kalle holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering, both from Stanford University, and has an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, where he was honored as an Arjay Miller Scholar. Vivienne Lee Non-Profit Advisor Vivienne Lee brings deep expertise with over 19 years of experience working in both the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Having built a strong foundation in strategy development, program and initiative design and development, and organizational coaching, Vivienne is well versed in assessing challenges, identifying solutions, and providing implementation frameworks in which to execute with impact. Most recently, Vivienne led REDF’s expansion strategy, building partnerships, and creating pilot programs that serve as models as REDF scales a social enterprise ecosystem nation-wide. Prior to joining REDF as a Principle Consultant, Strategic Partnerships, Vivienne led Citibank’s community development efforts. She earned a Master’s Degree in City Planning from MIT and attended Occidental College. In addition, Vivienne serves on the Board of Directors of the Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation and the Skid Row Housing Trust. Rez Khan Blockchain Advisor Rez sees the current combination of cryptography and trustless blockchain networks as a societal game-changer. He has spent the last year writing fundraising smart contracts for ethereum blockchain. He has always been interested in foundational frameworks. He is a duly published author in the field of brain imaging where he spent years as a researcher developing new models to predict brain activation. He then worked as a data scientist developing machine learning models in a cybersecurity context. Originally, he studied computational physics, in which he holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. In his free time he provides training and education in mindfulness to software developers. Philip Smolin Ad Tech Advisor

Philip has 20 years of experience in digital advertising and is a recognized industry expert on programmatic media buying, real-time advertising, and the emerging business models redefining the industry. He has been a driver in the evolution of the online advertising space since its inception, working to revolutionize the role technology plays for advertisers, publishers, agencies and consumers. At Amobee, he oversees the company’s long-term strategic planning, manages the analytic services division, and is responsible for the company’s strategic partnerships with telecom operators. Prior to his current role, Philip served as both Vice President of Product & Marketing, and as General Manager, where he was instrumental in leading the industry definition and adoption of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and real-time bidding (RTB) technologies. Prior to joining Amobee (then Turn Inc) in 2005, Philip held product director positions at MatchLogic, Excite@Home and PayChoice, where he developed many of the industry’s first third party ad serving platforms, rich media tools and CPM yield management systems for internet portals and top tier publishers. Philip is also an advisor to multiple startups with a focus on applied AI and other emerging technologies. He is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events such as OMMA Global, iMedia Breakthrough, eM9 and others. He also co-chaired the Future of the Cookie and Data Standards sub-committees on the IAB Ad Technology Council. Philip holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, Columbia University and an M.B.A, from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.


4 Companies Revolutionizing Industries with Blockchain. What stands out about doGood is they've taken crowd sourcing and crowd funding to new levels. It goes well beyond what you might think when you initially hear those terms, but this isn't yet another "Go Fund Me" clone. That's because it aims to solve problems beyond people begging for money online. From smaller, personal ones, to businesses seeking solutions to hurtles on major projects. In a nutshell, it works like this: The problem/challenge is shared in their online platform. Others post viable solutions and the community weighs in on the route to take via a points based system. doGood Interview - Blockchain Expo North American Santa Clara
Initial Coin Offering Presale coming soon! doGood announced today the immediate availability of its blockchain-fueled social platform designed to help users create concrete solutions using lean-startup principles. The company's initial coin offering (ICO) presale begins soon during which its Ethereum-based tokens (named "GOOD") will be sold at a 20% discount. Investor Ideas Talks to CEO of doGood's #Ethereum-based token ("GOOD") #ICO doGood's ethereum-based token ("GOOD") initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale is officially coming soon. CEO Adam Harriss said that purchasers are eligible to earn a bonus depending on how much they spend.