Our Mission: Incentivize huge numbers of people and organizations to systematically break down complex problems, create experiments to test and identify great solutions, and provide a decentralized method of building and governing organizations.


"doGood provides an easy way to walk those who are newly initiated to lean startup through the process of building, testing, and learning how to build a sustainable business, and a great method of tracking their progress towards eliminating the risk inherent in their assumptions."
- Cathy Pucher, Executive Director
Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad
"Mapping out problems and solutions using the collaborative graph has helped us get to root cause and identify overarching solutions that we can operationalize."
- Jasper Calcara,
DH Charles Engineering

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A wiki to collaboratively define, scope, and discuss problems, diagram root cause, and define solutions and their potential.
Recruit a team of people with the right skills, personality, availability, experience and passion to make your project a success.
Evaluate solutions through a customizable stage/gate system to determine whether to invest time and resources.
Form teams, manage the tracking of assumptions, reduce risk, pivot or persevere, track a portfolio of projects
The ability to raise funds via all-or-nothing crowdfunding, or ongoing donations.
Offer up a problem or task that needs to be solved or completed, and have individuals or project teams compete to complete it for you.
Add the ability to browse all grant opportunities from the U.S. government.
A constantly updating list of paired issues and solutions that tracks updates from doGood and from Twitter.
Find out what the rest of the doGood community thinks.

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